Ticketing Software for High Schools

Smart ticketing solutions for every school event

From the biggest rivalry game to the annual school musical or concert choir, enjoy the benefits and convenience of our powerful AdventureTix® ticket sales technology to fill your stadium or auditorium and increase your bottom line for your school budget.

AdventureTix® is as good as ticketing software gets.

Ticketing Software for High Schools

The easy and affordable AdventureTix® ticketing solution helps you control access to school events and maximize your bottom line. Students and parents will rave about how easy it is to purchase tickets online and select the seats they want. Never worry about event ticketing again!

More than one school? No problem! AdventureTix® offers special rates to school districts, as well. Our centralized data structure lets you see every event at every school in your district at once, get reports, start and stop sales in real time, and control system access for staff members. You are always in control with AdventureTix®! What’s your Adventure?

Mobile-Friendly Online Ticketing

Allow your attendees to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere (24/7) from the convenience of their home, laptop or mobile device and “beat the lines” at the gate!

Community Sponsorships

Use the Print at Home Ticket Ad space for current sponsor exposures, as a way to get “information” out to your public, or as a way to generate more revenue streams through new ad sponsorships.

Offer Reserved Seating

Save your attendees the hassle of coming early and saving seats by implementing Reserved Seating for pre-sales.

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